Final Fantasy XIII TGS09 NEW trailer.

A new 7 minute long Final Fantasy XIII trailer was unveiled in Tokyo Game Show 09 (TGS 09), showing more characters, most importantly, the “Sera” which was mentioned in previous trailers.

Indeed as most have expected, she plays a critical role to Snow and Lightning and of course, one of the babes featured in FF13.
Some highlights you will expect in this 7 minute trailer

* A emphasis between the romantic relationship of Snow and Sera (not sure the spelling, could be Sarah) and how it relates to Lightning

* Sera is Lightning’s sister who is also Snow’s fiance. She gets trapped in a crystal-like thing (as shown in video), her role plays a critical part in the plot

* Gameplay showing the summons and of course, overpowering graphics and animation

* Final Fantasy XIII theme song (Because You’re Here (君がいるから, Kimi ga Iru Kara ) played in the trailer too, sang by Suguwara Sayuri

* A general recap and touch of the setting of the story

* Trailer is in Japanese but the visuals tells you a lot of things 😛 Final Fantasy XIII is slated for a release 17 Dec 2009, at a price of 8800 yen on the Playstation 3. (HD ver).

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