Evangelion World: TITANIUM Spear of Longinus! Large Images

Spear of Longinus placed near the AT Field, also in Titanium Edit: Exhibition stand also made of Titanium Colors: Titanium silver and some parts of light blue AT Field Titanium works by the artist Resized Spear of Longinus The Larger, seen before: Weight: 2.2Kg – Lenght: 3.198m Beautiful Titanium NERV Display On display @ Machi … Read more

Black Rock Shooter Gets Manga in Young Ace This June

The June issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace magazine announced on Monday that Sanami Suzuki  is launching a manga adaptation of huke’s Black Rock Shooter franchise in the next issue on June 4. Young Ace promises that Black Rock Shooter “Innocent Soul” will be “a Black Rock Shooter that no one has seen before.” The … Read more