The Kick: a pocket sized lighting studio for photo & video: Large Images, Full Info & Video

The Kick: a pocket sized lighting studio for photo & video:

Large Images, Full Info & Video

The master of light – better video, better pictures and a lot of fun

We designed the Kick to help you take better pictures, make better videos and have fun doing it.

We think this is the new generation of lights for photo and video, and you can control it from your iPhone!

Works with your iPhone …

The free Kick App gives you full control over the Kick. Change color and brightness, run any of the built-in light effects and take pictures or record video. All from within the same app.

With the Kick and the Kick App you can also sample light effects from any video stored on your iPhone. Or simply sample light straight from the iPhone camera, while you use it. Just point the iPhone towards the light effect you want the Kick to recreate, tap the screen – and the Kick will emit that light!  It’s automatically stored in the effects library for use later on. If you haven’t already watched the video at the top of this page, you should do it now. The video demos some cool effects.

Check out the video here below

Just to be clear: you can use the Kick with any camera – it is not only for smartphones. If you prefer to use your DSLR or compact camera, you can use the Kick standalone – as an independent light source with amazing creative features. Your iPhone then works as a remote control for one or more Kick lights.

The Kick is a real working prototype. Over the last 2.5 years we have developed, refined, miniaturized, and then developed, refined, and miniaturized some more. And then some. I believe we are at the 6th iteration. What started out as a professional effects light has been shrunk in size and in cost – but not so much in features – to an awesome pocket-sized light with a lot of built-in features.

We are about ready to enter into manufacturing, but we need your help to fund production tooling and volume component orders. The only way to make the Kick a reality at this price is to manufacture it in volume.

What is the difference between the Kick Basic and the Kick Plus?

The full version of the Kick – Kick Plus – has everything: built-in WiFi, white and colored light, built-in effects, and you can control it from your iPhone using the Kick App.

The Kick Basic is the little brother of Kick Plus and it is great for people who just want a small and simple portable white light. It does not have WiFi, but you can adjust brightness and color temperature with buttons on the device. With Kick Basic you don’t get colored light, or animated effects, and since there is no WiFi, it can’t be controlled from the iPhone app.
$89 Kick Basic EARLY BIRD. Basic version without WiFi.

$99 Kick Basic. Basic version without WiFi.
$139 Kick Plus EARLY BIRD. Full version: WiFi, iPhone app, the works.
$149 Kick Plus. Full version: WiFi, iPhone app, the works.
$180 Two Kick Basic
$280 Two Kick Plus. Full version
$4300 Fifty Kick Basic
$6500 Fifty Kick Plus. Full version

(After Kickstarter the Kick Basic will retail for $129 or more and the Kick Plus for $179 or more)

If you are a developer and you want to control the Kick from any app or device with WiFi access, you can get access to the Kick API from our website. The API will be avaible when we get closer to shipping. (You won’t be able to do much with the API until you have a Kick to connect to.)

UPDATE: Japanese Politicians Are Thinking about Building Gundam. Like, Real, Working Gundam.


Japanese Politicians Are Thinking about Building Gundam. Like, Real, Working Gundam.

The Liberal Democratic Party, a center-right faction in Japanese politics, will hold a live, 12-hour marathon stream on the niconico service on Thursday, and one of the marathon’s panels will discuss “the Gundam Development Project, as seriously considered by the Liberal Democratic Party.”

Masaaki Taira and Hideki Niwa, two members of Japan’s House of Representatives, will speak during the 8:00 p.m. panel with their guest, novelist Harutoshi Fukui. Fukui happens to be the writer of the Mobile Suit Gundam UC novels.

Taira reported last year that his party would consider adding the efforts to realize “piloted, two-legged walking humanoid robots” into the party’s platform manifesto. Taira also posted an extended discussion about the feasibility of piloted walking robots on Twitter, using the anime and manga titles Gundam, Appleseed, and Patlabor as examples. Taira broached the topic after meeting with Katsuya Kanaoka, a professor of robotics from Kyoto University.

In 2008,, a website run by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), released a report estimating how much it would cost to build a 18-meter-tall (59-feet-tall), functioning “Morph-X” combat robot similar to those used in Gundam. The Japanese government funds about 90% of JST’s budget, with the remaining coming from the agency’s own operational income.

The Technical Research and Development Institute in Japan’s Ministry of Defense included a ground equipment exhibit titled “Towards the Realization of Gundam (Advanced Personal Equipment System)” in a defense technology symposium in October of 2007. Earlier that very same month, Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture reprimanded six of its employees for editing the Japanese Wikipedia encyclopedia article on Gundam during work hours; a spokesperson explained that the “Ministry of Agriculture is not in charge of Gundam.” (Animenewsnetwork,

The Real Gundam is NOT ready! But KURATAS is coming!!!

The Real Gundam is NOT ready! But KURATAS is coming!!!

This is an organization which is aimed to spread human ride robots
We will mass-produce and sell prototype KURATAS by Japanese artist Kogoro Kurata.

KURATAS is coming out in 2012!


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Suidobashi Heavy Industry: And your Dreams come True! 3.8 Meter Iron Robot! UPDATE Wallpaper Size Images

Evangelion Shinji x Kaji PSP & iPhone Cases: Large Images, Info & other related merchandising

Evangelion Shinji x Kaji PSP & iPhone Cases:

Large Images, Info & other related merchandising

Additionally, the Pacific League Baseball Store on the online marketplace Rakuten revealed on Monday that it will begin selling “Evangelion x Professional Baseball” T-shirts starting on June 8. The T-shirts feature the hexagonal AT Field and logos from six professional baseball teams: Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, Seibu Lions, Chiba Lotte Marines, Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, and the Orix Buffaloes.

The Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 store in Tokyo revealed on Monday that it will sell Shinji & Kaji PlayStation Portable and iPhone cases from June 1-30. The store is promoting Shinji-related merchandise throughout the month.

The store will also sell a Shinji & Kaworu sports towel. A 2-meter tall Eva Unit 01 statue will be featured as part of an art gallery in the store from June 1-24.

Info: Animenewsnetwork,, neweva.blog103 & famitsu

NTT Docomo NEXT series SH-06D NERV 1st Official Evangelion Smartphone: 5 Videos & Review. No.12 Big Size Images

NTT Docomo NEXT series SH-06D NERV 1st Official Evangelion Smartphone:

5 Videos & Review.

No.12 Big Size Images

It’s impossible to pick the phone up without noticing the crazy skinning going on. Everything is colored orange, green, red, and black to match the readouts from the Magi computer system in the films. It definitely takes a minute to get used to, but once you know where to look for everything you’ll find a ton of glanceable information; everything from the weather, to the amount of memory your phone has available, to your latitude and logitude. The only unfortunate part is how the illusion shatters when you open your app drawer and take a look at your everyday icons.

The SH–06D has only been on the market for two months, so the hardware isn’t outdated by any means, but we wish Sharp had been able to put together an Android 4.0 update for the device before its launch. Still, even running Gingerbread the 1.2GHz OMAP processor feels reasonably snappy. The 4.5-inch 3D 720p (1280 x 720) LCD display looks fantastic, and the colors and design of the skin really pop off the screen, as does the exclusive bundled video content.

The case design differs from a regular SH–06D in a couple of important ways: the hardware buttons have been redesigned to fit with the color scheme mentioned above, and the phone adds a textured back panel emblazoned with the NERV logo. The back panel is interchangeable with a separate mirrored one, but we can’t see why you’d ever want to switch it. Only a limited number of NERV edition SH–06Ds will be produced, so chances that you’ll be able to get hold of one are pretty slim, but for the determined, NTT Docomo is starting pre-orders on June 16th.


Check out this “5 Videos Compilation” 😉 ENJOY

The English-language video describes the technical specs of the phone, and in the Japanese-language video, musician DAIGO gives his opinion on the new phone.

Sources: Images & Review by The Verge

Suidobashi Heavy Industry: And your Dreams come True! 3.8 Meter Iron Robot! Large Images, Videos & Info

Suidobashi Heavy Industry: And your Dreams come True!

3.8 Meter Iron Robot!

Large Images, Videos & Info

Vaudeville is the first giant boarding-robot, which is about four meters height. Robot pilot, an occupation most man would want to be, comes true at last.

Vaudeville has the AE “V-Sido”, the control system of the computer technology is watched by all world with interest. Not only operating by boarding the pilot’s seat, but also enabling you to control and interact Vaudeville with Kinect*. Moreover, without taking a professional training such as a combat plane, people can operate it easily. Furthermore, you can control Vaudeville via the mobile 3G Internet access.

We could customize your Vaudelville as what you hope; holding a squirt gun as a fire fighter, painting a body camouflage as a ranger in jungle, giving a mop and a cleaner as a home cleaning robot, so it is really up to you.

Wherever you are, you can buy Vaudeville on the online site, which will be opened when Vaudeville Project completed.


Height: about 4,000 mm
Width: about 3,000 mm
Lenght: about 4,000 mm
Weight: about 4,500 Kg
Control System: AE V-sido


Check out these Videos 😉

According to Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s website, people will be able to control the robot with mobile phones through 3G internet access or with Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor. The company also states that the robot can be customized with options like a water gun for fire fighters or a mop for home cleaning.

Suidobashi Heavy Industry describes itself as follows: “An organization which aims to spread human ride robots. We mass-produce and sell prototype KURATAS by Kogoro Kurata.” The company’s website lists “coming winter 2011” for Vaudeville, but production is still incomplete. The company plans to make the robot available for online purchase worldwide, and its official Facebook page states that Kuratas will be released in 2012.

The mecha features a one-person cockpit and uses the robotic control software AE V-Sido, developed by Wataru Yoshizaki, to move around. With Yoshizaki’s help, Kurata has been developing the robot since January of 2010. Once complete, the robot will weigh about 4,500 kilograms (about 5 tons). The robot will use hydraulics powered by a diesel engine in order to move. It will have four “legs,” with wheels attached at the bottom of each one. The cockpit of the robot, located in the robot’s “chest,” has a hatch that also uses hydraulics to open and close.

The website Gigazine, Kurata’s blog, and Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s Facebook page have all posted pictures documenting the progress of the robot. Kurata’s pictures of a 1/20 scale model to show what the finished product will look like. The craftsman described the robot as a “four-legged, engine-driven, ground-warfare humanoid weapon-type toy robot.”

Over five years ago, Kurata built a life-size iron figure of Armored Trooper Votoms’ Scopedog Brutish Custom robot. The robot was displayed at the C3xHobby convention in Tokyo in 2007.


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