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Gundam Side Story: Missing Link for PS3 Teased in Video.


Namco Bandai Games opened the official website for its Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Missing Link (Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden: Missing Link) PlayStation 3 game and began streaming a teaser promotional video on Friday. The game promises to depict a previously unknown story, unveiled from the hidden side of the One Year War of the first Gundam anime.

If the player chooses to play the Earth Federation Forces side, the game centers around the 20th Mechanized Composite Corps. Officially, it is a mobile suit experimental unit, but it also known as “Slave Race,” a disciplinary unit for exacting punishment regardless of faction. Among the members are Fred Reaper (codename “Ripper”), Marvin Herriot (“Bomber”), and Travis Kirkland (“Fixer”), Doris Brandt (“Diver”), and Edward Lee (“Hire” or “Limo Driver”).

If the player chooses the Zeon side, the game centers around the Marchosias Team, a special joint unit of ace pilots. The members include Gii Helmut, Albert Bell, Liberio Lincke, Annerose Rosenhain, Severo Oswald, Doug Schneid, and Vincent Gleissner.

check out the video here below

機動戦士ガンダム外伝 ミッシングリンク ティザーPV 日本語版


aThe teaser video ends with a glimpse of a mobile suit (pictured above) that is exclusive to the game.

Players can deploy a team of three mobile suits in both ground and space battles. The game will have zero gravity and three-dimension maneuvering to distinguish the space battles from the ground ones. Players can also freely switch between the three mobile suits in the middle of battle, particularly when one mobile suit’s hit points has been depleted. Support craft can offer both offensive and defensive assistance to the player.

B.B. Studio (Mobile Suit Battle Operation) is developing the anime robot action game, although the release date and pricing is still to be determined.
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