Mitsuo Fukuda Director of Gundam SEED Thinks Anime Has Too Many Regulations

6Mitsuo Fukuda Director of Gundam SEED Thinks Anime Has Too Many Regulations


Gundam Seed director Mitsuo Fukuda recently went on a bit of a rant regarding the nature of television in Japan these days via his Twitter account. What started off as an evaluation of the way the morning news is run eventually turned into a critique of what he thought was devaluation of the Japanese people’s interests and opinions. Fukuda remarked that he ended up eventually having to turn off the television, frustrated with what he called a nonsense spouting device.

1 Of course, before he got down from the soapbox, he had to put in his last word by roasting his own industry. According to Fukuda’s criticism, he believes that the lineup of late night anime has become subject to too many regulations, causing it to become boring. He also thinks that, had Gundam Seed been produced these days, such censorship would have been applied left and right, saying that the “episode about Flay would have been completely useless at that point.”

2 It makes sense that Fukuda would feel this way though, considering how his beloved Gundam Seed was full of mature content, to the point of having the occasional exploding person.

3 4 5Of course, Fukuda isn’t the only director to have problems with the way that anime industry is run. Hayao Miayzaki gave his almost scathing opinion on the business earlier this year.

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