[Video Games] Dragon Ball Heroes Train Your Custom Character In Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Screens, PV#1 PV#2, Info

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Dragon Ball Heroes Train Your Custom Character In Dragon Ball Xenoverse:

Screens, PV#1 PV#2, Info

Dragon Ball Xenoverse from Dimps and Bandai Namco games lets players create their own custom Super Saiyan, Namekian or Majin. The original character is more than a custom fighter, your avatar plays a key role in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse story.

2You’ve been summoned by Trunks to fix Dragon Ball’s history because two new enemies, Towa and Mira, have been changing events in favor of the bad guys. Towa is a dark scientist who comes from a demonic world and Mira is an artificial creature trying to become the strongest force in the universe. Both are trying to gather as much Kiri as possible and both are brand new characters made for Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Fortunately, you also have new allies made for the game like The Supreme Kai of Time who looks like a child, but is actually 75,000,000 years old and a mysterious bird called TokiToki who can create time.

34Remember when Goku sacrifices his life by grabbing Radtiz and Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon pierces both of them? In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, history has been rewritten so Piccolo’s attack only hits Goku and Gohan’s attack when he breaks free from the space pod misses. These are just some of the events that changed in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Future Trunks uses a time machine to send you from Tokitoki City to different Dragon Ball battles so you can correct the Dragon Ball history timeline.

5Your avatar learns moves from other Dragon Ball characters like Yamacha, Vegeta, and even Goku. Dragon Ball Xenoverse producer Masato Hirano explained that you can’t learn attacks from Goku right away because you’re not strong enough when you begin the game. You have to work up to train with Goku, who is considered the strongest sensei in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Masters will help you during battles, so you can use attacks like the Master-Pupil Kamehameha (which is pretty much like the Father-Son Kamehameha). When you train with a master you’ll learn more than moves, you’ll also get to know and bond with different the Dragon Ball characters. One interesting point Hirano mentioned is you can switch teachers at anytime like from Vegeta to Goku, but that might make Vegeta angry.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and announced earlier today Steam too.

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