Batman TUMBLER Replica on sale in Dubai: No.16 Images, Full Info

78ae855f-4184-4dae-afaf-04ac60b9d7868a60ba05-116c-4702-9ffd-17fb882add59_002Batman TUMBLER Replica on sale in Dubai: No.16 Images, Full Info

Tumbler Replica – AED 3,700,000
GTR Motors, Showroom 18, Auto Market, Ras Al Khor – Dubai

8a60ba05-116c-4702-9ffd-17fb882add59_002 44d9add9-7192-42d1-bee2-df0e8375543aNew Batman Tumbler Replica 2013 for sale in Dubai at GTR Motors, 8 cylinder 5.7-litre petrol engine from a Chevrolet Corvette, 500 horsepower, 0-100 in less than 6 seconds and a top speed of over 250 km/h.

62c666e0-63ab-498b-bbcc-386baf306635_002 73e80ae6-19fc-4f49-89be-91a41710e27e Features include propane tanks to shoot fire out of the rear, multiple cameras around the vehicle, high-intensity LED headlights, 2 18.5-inch Hoosier tyres at the front and massive 44 inch high super swamper tyres at the back, which are taller than a Lamborghini Aventador.

78ae855f-4184-4dae-afaf-04ac60b9d786 96e6e276-51a9-4e62-b9af-113a4deaada9_002 96e76258-c7b9-420b-9831-c732f432f99bFantastic show car for conventions, Batman fans and car collectors, don’t miss your chance to own this unique vehicle.

803cdc02-4cfb-4328-ae39-cd17c59bb92a 861a7f51-4d49-4159-befc-d50e42544743INTERIOR DESIGN:
Air conditioning
Leather seats
Navigation system
Rear camera

Special features:
Multiple Cameras

811691d3-1803-472a-82bb-d72033554d79 13619627-176e-42f7-8e78-aeff5fac850b a839e18e-b09f-4d45-9e51-63b31e341fc4

Blind spot detection mirror

LED headlights
Rear wheel drive

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