Japanese highway rest stop to get world’s largest Evangelion Unit-01 replica

2Japanese highway rest stop to get world’s largest Evangelion Unit-01 replica

EXPASA Ashigara – a highway rest station located near the border of Shizuoka and Kanagawa – will host the replica Unit-01

1 2The Unit-1 statue will still be dwarfed by Odaiba’s Gundam (18 meters) at a much smaller 6 meters and some change, but the smaller size is more than made up for by the super cool concept of housing the beast in a mech hangar modeled after NERV headquarters.

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Additionally, EXPASA Ashigara will be holding a variety of Evangelion-themed events during the statue’s stay at the facility from July 17 to December 23. Visitors will also be able to gorge themselves on Evangelion-themed foods and desserts, buy limited-edition goods, and take pictures with scantily clad booth babe-type ladies, for some reason.

If you’re in Japan and are as excited as we are about seeing Unit-01 in the flesh, you can get more info (in Japanese) and a countdown to the event’s launch here. There appears to be a train line nearby, but since walking down a busy highway is generally frowned upon by law enforcement, even if you try to explain yourself by shouting about robots and gesticulating wildly, those without a driver’s license will need to get a cab or hitchhike from the nearest station.

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