Schnecke’s HGUC 1/144 Gustav Karl Commander type custom for Orazaku competition: Images, Full Info

The Gustav Karl, which was remodeled in the past, has been remodeled again for Orazaku
All additional parts are made by a 3D printer.

The newly added parts are as follows
Left arm equipment (grenade machine gun)
Circle-shaped parts of elbows and knees
Detail up the ledge next to the knee
High-power beam rifle grenade launcher and dedicated magazine


These are additional equipment that was not in time for Orazaku

ORE-GUN Multipurpose Beam Cannon
(One coin figure?) Measured with calipers and copied.
Designed only for the base connecting to the MS
-Rework high-power beam rifle to make it look as strong as possible

グスタフ・カール コマンダータイプ
custom build by Schnecke
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