Robot魂 Gundam F91 Evolution-Spec many images, full info

Gundam F91 Evolution rotating shieldsConsolidating 10 years of technology, Gundam F91 is reborn!


ROBOT Spirits Gundam F91, which became a smash hit item in 2010, is reborn with completely new modeling.
A gem that summarizes the technical progress of the ROBOT Spirits over 10 years is released for 4,800 yen (excluding tax)!
Release date: May 2020

Includes parts that can reproduce rotating beam sabers.

Vesbar can slide the rail on the back. Equipped with a telescopic gimmick.

The beam generator is stored in the side skirt.

Reproduce face open with replacement parts.

Replacement parts reproduce the deployment / storage condition of the shoulder fins.
The leg vernier deployment is movable and reproduced.
Beam shield reproduces the texture of complex effects by PET printing.
Includes beam saber (2) and beam launcher.
A sophisticated joint structure in the evolution of the Robot Spirits series.

Product specifications
Height: about 130mm
Material: ABS, PVC

Set contents
・ Body
・ Replacement wrist left and right two each
・ Parts for face open reproduction
・ Beam / Shield generator set
・ Beam saber pattern * 2
・ Beam saber X 2
・ Beam rifle
・ Beam launcher
・ Rotating beam ・ Saber effects left and right
・ Effects for beam shielding
・ Shoulder fin left and right
・ Joint parts for Soul STAGE

front view of the Gundam F91 Evolution cannon and shield of Gundam F91 Evolution head closeup of the Gundam F91 Evolution side closeup of the action figure of Gundam F91 Evolution