AUTO-TRANS MODEL RX-0 Unicorn Gundam: update images, Full Info

荘厳なBGM、劇中と全く同じ手順とタイミングの変身! 「AUTO-TRANS MODEL RX-0 ユニコーンガンダム」

Translated from japanese:

One of the new products announced at the “GUNPLA LINK PROJECT” commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Gunpla of the BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Division is the “AUTO-TRANS MODEL RX-0 Unicorn Gundam”.  As the name suggests, it is a plastic model that reproduces the “transformation” Gundam.

Unicorn Gundam is not a “deformation” but a transforming Gundam.  The psycho-frame built into the whole body unfolds and demonstrates a paranormal ability.  This is a new type of mystery Gundam that developers do not know why the psycho frame emits light, and the transformation from the normal mode Unicorn mode to the Gundam type Destroy mode can be used effectively in the play  The production of the BGM was also wonderful and the scene was very impressive.

“AUTO-TRANS MODEL RX-0 Unicorn Gundam” is a model that reproduces this impressive transformation.  From the mask and the unicorn mode, which emits green light from a camera eye like a hawkish eye, red light unique to Destroy mode shines from the chest supporting the head, and the transformation progresses as the light rises upward.  The light of the chest, the rotation of both sides, the storage of the mask and the appearance of facial parts, the whole body of the camera, and the horn-shaped antenna open to the left and right, creating a “Gundam”.  This time, it was explained using a CG model, but it is said that it will realize a smooth transformation with three-dimensional objects.

This product is just a “plastic model”.  Although the internal mechanism may have been assembled due to the gimmick, he wants the user to enjoy the pleasure of assembling.  I saw the prototype this time, but the attention to detail is considerable, and it seems that modeling of Destroy mode can be expected from here.

Developers are going to stick to this transformation.  The key is the audio unit.  He said that he would like to focus on the adjustments here in order to achieve the same complex transformations as in the play at the exact same time as in the play in time with the BGM.  If realized, it will be a pretty impressive transformation.  This is a very fun item.