NEW MOLD! P-Bandai HGUC Quattro Bajeena’s Rick Dias: images, Full eng description

HG 1/144 リック・ディアス(クワトロ・バジーナ機)

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Reservation acceptance started 15:00 on April 15, 2020

Delivery date Shipping in August 2020

Most exterior parts such as red armor parts are reproduced with new parts.  Also, multiple joint parts are used for the arms, legs and crotch joints to achieve a wide range of motion.

● Detailed exterior parts of Rick Diaz with new parts!

Based on HGUC Rick Diaz, the red exterior parts such as the head, shoulders, arms, waist, and legs have been redesigned to fit the setting picture.

Also, the upper arm and thigh exteriors have been redesigned to improve detail.


Adopted new parts on the top of the head.  For a sharp impression.

-Shoulders, arms, legs

-Reproduce the armor of the entire shoulder, upper arm and leg with new parts.

Adopting new parts with added details for upper arms and thighs.

● Updated each joint for dynamic poses

Changed the elbow, crotch, and knee joints to new parts, and acquired mobility according to the latest HG format.

Elbow joint

-The movable range of the forearm has been greatly expanded.

   Knee joint

-The range of motion has been greatly expanded by adopting double joints.  It is possible to produce dynamic poses according to the scene in the play.

Thigh and hip joint

Changed to a roll type joint type via the axis.  The thigh-side bearing part is also movable for flexible movement.

Attached armament: Clay bazooka / Beam pistol / Beam saber