Amazing AKIRA’s PG 1/60 Gundam Exia Clear Color Body images, full eng description

PG Gundam Exia Clear Color Body Fluorescent Paint. Modeler reference on the images


Since the example of PG Exia fluorescent smear insertion has become a hot topic on Twitter,

I gathered information on the points to be noted when painting with Sumi.

PG Gundam Exia Clear Color Body Fluorescent Paint Sumi Point:

Colored and transparent GAIA EX06 fluorescent paint is used for the stain

If the frame is painted with metal, it looks good only when black light is reflected.

-When shooting, use a black background to ensure a constant dark environment.

Shutter speed is 1 second

The decal uses the EVO (Evolution) fluorescent water transfer decal series.

Decals for each model and scale are on sale, so you can choose according to your preference.

Be careful, as long-term use of black light can reduce your eyesight.

General precautions regarding fluorescent paint stain:

It is not recommended because the luminous paint deteriorates quickly and does not last long.  Fluorescent paint recommended.  Recommended product number is Gaia GE06 to GE010 (10 ml)

Tamiya enamel solvent X-20 is used as a thinning solution.  Magnification is 1: 2 to 1: 3

-It is necessary to judge depending on the situation whether the stain area is the front side or the back side of the exterior instep parts.  Select a surface with a large amount of detail information.

* Be sure to use the red fluorescent color stain on the outer surface of the clear parts.

In order to obtain a strong fluorescence effect, it is necessary to repeat the smearing work several times, and it is necessary to wipe off the protruding part firmly.

-A clear color (gloss) top coat is recommended to express the feeling of passing clear parts.  On the other hand, the fluorescent color that has already been smeared may be melted.  There are three measures below:

① Change the process order.  After the top code, put a fluorescent color stain

②By deepening the groove on the line and fixing the fluorescent color to the groove, it will be difficult to dissolve in the top code

③ Select the color of the smear.  Hard to dissolve in enamel solvent Strong weak yellow fluorescent yellow fluorescent red fluorescent blue

It is recommended to use fluorescent stains with MG or PG.  HG and RG are not recommended due to scale, frame material, etc.

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