Let’s post the Gundam photo you made! “Online Gunpla Competition Gunpla [GUNPLA TOGETHER]” is being held! “Gundam model 3 piece set” is presented by lottery!

BANDAI SPIRITS On the official Twitter of the Hobby Division, “Online Gunpla Competition Gunpla [GUNPLA TOGETHER]” is being held.

This project is to post your own Gunpla photos along with the hashtags of “# みんなでガンプラ or “#gunplatogether” while following the official Twitter of BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Division (@HobbySite).
The submitted photos are collected once a week on the みんなでガンプラ page, and the work with the most “likes” during the week is posted as the “Audience Award”.
In addition, “Gunpla 3 pieces (HG series)” will be presented by lot from all the posters, so be sure to apply.

For more details, please see the news on the Bandai Hobby Site.
“Online Gunpla Competition Minna Gunpla [GUNPLA TOGETHER]” Overview
[Application conditions]
It’s fun to make Gunpla without making it! It’s fun to see!
Let’s look at the Gunpla made by everyone and expand the circle of “fun to make” and “fun to see”!

In the photo and title of the Gunpla you made,
1. Please post to Twitter with the hashtag of “# みんなでガンプラ or “#gunplatogether” followed by BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Division official SNS (@HobbySite).

2. Everybody’s posts will be collected once a week on the “Gunpla” page.
(Posts every Thursday at 17:00 will be published one week later at 17:00.)
* The first deadline will be Thursday, May 7th at 17:00, and the work will be released on Thursday, May 14th at 17:00.
* Schedules for submission and release of works may change in the future.
* If Thursday is a public holiday, it will be open at 17:00 on the following Friday.

3. The work with the most likes during the week will be posted as the Audience Award.
In addition, we will present a set of 3 Gunpla (HG series) by lot from all the posters.
* A lottery will be held every week and the winners will be contacted via a direct message on Twitter within two weeks.
Please note that if you do not respond within the deadline stated in the DM, you will not be entitled to win. In that case, we will not re-draw.

If you submit a work with a “hashtag” (#Gunpla or #gunplatogether), you agree to the “Cautions for application”. Please read the “Notes on application” carefully before applying. If you are a minor, please get the parent’s consent to apply for the work.

Please see the following page for other application methods and notes regarding application.