RG Evangelion Unit-01 DX Transport Platform Set remodeled by gegkk70693: full translated eng info of the work

RG General-purpose human-type decisive battle weapon Evangelion No. 1 DX remodeled review


■ Main changes

coloring as the TV anime version, and arrange it by adding color and mold.

-By changing parts, we have remodeled so that the awakening state of TV anime version 19 episodes can be reproduced.

Putty is used for the eyes of the awakened head.  UV gel clear is applied to the surface of the eyes to give a three-dimensional finish.

-The shoulder width is extended with parts that I made from the plastic version.  I aimed for the proportion of the TV version.

-The width of the shoulder armor fixings on the transport base has been extended to match the extension of the shoulder width.

In order to attach the marking sticker neatly, the mold and steps on the side of the shoulder armor are filled with putty and made flat.

Add water transfer decals to each part

-When exposed to black light, the parts painted with fluorescent paint will emit light.

-A mini spotlight with a built-in LED black light is attached.  It has been painted and modified.  I will also attach the battery.

Some parts use two kits.  (Head, chest left arm, left wrist x 5 types, pallet rifle)

■ About painting

-Painted with an airbrush.

-Mainly indirect and internal frames, armaments, etc. have a matte finish.  The exterior part has a glossy finish.

■ Color recipe

Creos = (C) Guy Notes = (G) Takamiya = (T)

● Base

Surfacer Evo Gray (G)

● Painting (lacquer)

Purple (exterior) → Prism Metallic Blue Violet (G) + Eva Dark Purple (G) + Evanite Purple (G)

Navy blue (exterior) → EVA dark blue (G) + EVA dark purple (G) + German gray (C)

Silver purple (exterior) → Super silver + EVA dark purple (G)

Black (exterior) → Black

Black (internal frame) → + EVA dark purple (G)

White (tooth) → White (C)

Red (gum) → maroon (C)

Reddish brown (awake left arm) → maroon (C) + reddish brown (C)

Blood (awake chest) clear red (C) + red (C)

Black (Armed) → Matte Black + RLM83 Dark Green (C)

Silver (Armed) → Silver (C)

Dark green color (armed) → RLM83 dark green (C)

Red (Armed) Maroon (C)

Light emitting part (green) → fluorescent green (C) + fluorescent clear green (G) + green (C)

Light emitting part (red) → fluorescent red (C)

Light emitting part (yellow) → fluorescent yellow (C) + yellow orange (C)

● Sumi put (enamel)

Rubber black (T)

● Top coat

Matte finish → Super smooth clear (C)

Glossy finish → Super clear UV cut (C)

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