Review The Beyond x MG Zaku II Ver. LUNA SEA. Full English description, images

This is a limited sale product of TSUTAYA RECORDS and UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE.
LUNA SEA celebrating its 30th anniversary and Gunpla celebrating its 40th anniversary: special collaborations. Review

Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary project commemorative theme song [THE BEYOND] is a single cut from LUNA SEA’s album CROSS.  It was released as a set.

This is the first EcoPla in the Master Grade series.

I did not confirm it at the time of purchase, but I got an A4 clear file.

It is a newly drawn illustration by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, who has 5 black coloring machines Zaku with the moon in the back, and all the blade antennas are attached.

The mono-eye that shines in pink has an impact and is a cool illustration.

It’s an illustration of the CD jacket, but I’m happy to see it in the size of an A4 clear file.

This is a package that includes a CD and Gunpla as a set, and is a package art of a wonderful design of the earth seen from the universe with a magnificent image.

Price 6000 yen excluding tax.

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