oojiro144’s MG Unicorn Gundam Wizard custom

MG Unicorn Wizard custom build images

From the modeler: (translated)

Overall view/front

Mixing of MG Unicorn and MG HWS equipment ver.Ka.

For HG, Unicorn and HWS have different design tastes.  Also, in the case of HG, the HWS is slightly larger than the unicorn…

So, if it’s an MG, maybe it’s familiar because it has the same Katoki design?  It became a shape when I played with it.

The chest and front skirt are compatible with each other.

Overall view/rear view:

Carrying a bazooka on a New Gundam style.

The decal attached to the HWS has a lot of Amuro components, so I chose a decal with no Amuro component.

In particular, the one-eyed beast of the shield is made of a unicorn instead of the Amuro mark.

Work by oojiro144 (twitter account)