hipa76512718’s HGBD Qubeley Papillon Mk-2 Custom: images, full info about the wip

Qubeley Papillon Mk-2 Custom: full review

From the modeler:

I tried the easy candy painting with can spray, which is introduced in the great technique of HJ July issue.

This magazine is a collection of great techniques that I will use as a method of digesting the accumulated plastic, but I have never done runner painting or candy painting, so I decided to challenge to improve my technique, so I started production.

In the example, I used the REVIVE Qubeley as a pull-to-type, but in my case I chose the Qubeley papillon from the stacking plastic.

Since it is too normal to paint with the color as it is, I made it as mk-2 color with reference to the example.

For the decorations, I put the image of a butterfly because it is papillon.

I’m afraid that the paint can be scraped, so I can hardly pose.  It was finished as a mid-fixed model.

The production process below.  Separated for each color so that the runner can be easily painted.

I painted with a can spray.  It was painted after a long time without blowing Suff.  It’s a can spray, so I can’t paint well in the back.  I repaired it with a smirre and retouch with a real touch marker.

Pure metallic red had a green background, so I was worried about the coloration…

In the end, I think it became a beautiful metallic red.  The effect of clear red overpainted is quite large.

Elegant cut seal and nail seal.  It was my first time to use this kind of gunpla, so it was a great experience.

The clear coat has 4 layers.  I thought it would have been nice to coat it once more.

Apply Tamiya modeling wax to finish.  It became shiny with wax.

It was difficult to put the sticker on the curved surface, and it peeled off at one part, but I don’t mind because it is my first time!  !

That’s the candy-painted Qubeley  Papillon mk-2.

Work by hipa76512718 (twitter account)