(NEWS) GUNDAM Café Akihabara store reborns as GUNDAM Café TOKYO BRAND CORE Full info, full images

NEWS: On Friday, July 31, 2020, the “GUNDAM Café Akihabara store” reborns as GUNDAM Café TOKYO BRAND CORE and will open grandly.

On July 31, 2020 (Friday), the hands-on entertainment restaurant facility “GUNDAM Café TOKYO BRAND CORE” will open grandly in Akihabara, Tokyo!  !!

The “GUNDAM Café Akihabara store,” which was temporarily closed due to renovation work in late March of this year, will be reborn as “GUNDAM Café TOKYO BRAND CORE” and will open on Friday, July 31st.

“GUNDAM Café TOKYO BRAND CORE” is a completely new experience-type entertainment restaurant facility where the world of Gundam’s works and the real world intersect.  It is a futuristic space that resembles the world of Gundam, and is composed of four areas: a restaurant area, Zeon Diner TOKYO, a goods shop, and a fortune Latte Cafe.  We plan to develop various measures that you can enjoy.  The official website will be renewed soon with the opening of “GUNDAM Café TOKYO BRAND CORE”. Here are many images