FULL INFO, images: GUNDAM Café TOKYO BRAND CORE Show Program “Char and Garma” held from 8/8!

The hands-on entertainment restaurant facility “GUNDAM Café TOKYO BRAND CORE” will open on Friday, July 31st, from August 8th (Saturday), and show program “G DIMENSIONS EX DINNER SHOW” The final meeting will be held.

This program is a dinner show in which images and real scenes are linked with an original story only at this facility.

Newly shot voices of Char and Garma, course meals linked to the program, and original goods based on newly drawn illustrations will be sold.

Advance reservations are required to participate, and reservations will start from 12:00 on July 22 (Wednesday).  Do not miss this opportunity.

Outline of “Akatsuki no Ryokai” by Char and Garma


From Saturday, August 8, 2020

① 18:00~19:30

② 20:30~22:00

For reservation

Advance reservations are required to participate.

Reception start date: July 22, 2020 (Wednesday) 12:00-

*One set of application is required for each person who can enter the store.

*Reservations are accepted until 23:59, 3 days before the event date.

*Reservation cancellation is not possible due to the customer’s convenience.

*Programs are subject to change without notice.  Please note.


Welcome to the “Akatsuki no Ryokai” by Char and Garma

Garma was ordered by Dozul, “Are you going to have a dinner to raise the morale of the unit?”

In response to that request, we rented out a certain restaurant on Side 3 and invited a friend, Char, to hold a “Rally Meeting”…

What was the program to “raise the morale of soldiers” that two friends, who had been friends from the days of the military school, thought?

And what was the menu devised for soldiers…?

You will participate in the rally as a soldier of the Principality of Zeon.

Reservation menu

The course meal including the main menu devised by Char and Garma is perfectly linked to the original story.

Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)

Course content: Main menu (1 item) / Welcome drink (1 item) / Dessert (1 item) / Novelty (1 sheet)

■ Main menu

*Please choose one from the following two types.

A. Roast beef ~Presented by Garuma~

B. Beef Rice-Presented by Char-

■ Welcome drink

*Please choose one from the following two types.

A. Welcome Drink-Beer with Blueberry Jelly-

B. Welcome Drink-Butterfly Pea Lemon Soda

■ Dessert

*Common menu

Brownies and 5 kinds of fruits-Presented by Garma & Char-


Lineup All 8 types: Random
PET coaster with a stand to decorate
You can stand it on a table and decorate it, or you can take two self-portraits because the background is transparent.

Special drink
A random novelty will be given for each drink!

■ Non-alcoholic drink
Price: 770 yen each (tax included)
Garma Zabi
Char Aznable

■ Alcohol drink
Price: 880 yen each (tax included)
Dozuru Zabi
Black triple star
*Includes alcohol

■ Novelty
・First: All 8 types random
PET coaster with a stand to decorate
A PET coaster will be randomly given to you for each limited drink order.
*The design is the same as the reservation menu.

Special additional menu (* novelty not included)
■ Food menu
Price: 550 yen each (tax included)
Major’s promotion celebration Caprese
Tomato sauce meatballs of Zeon Autonomous Republic of the Military Academy
Fried potatoes with purple sweet potato paste

■ Dessert menu
Price: Each 440 yen (tax included)
Chocolate Ice ~Akatsuki’s Uprising~
Double Berry Cake-Rumkai Battle Victory Party-

Special goods
Acrylic stand (2 types)
Price: 990 yen (tax included)
Type: Char/Garma
Material: Acrylic H about 158mm, W about 70mm
*The design cannot be selected because it is a closed package.

Acrylic clip badge (2 types)
Price: 770 yen each (tax included)
Type: Char/Garma
Material: Acrylic H approx. 67 mm x W approx. 60 mm
*Because it is a closed package, you cannot choose the design.

*G DIMENSIONS EX DINNER SHOW We are planning a table order for visitors, not a sales corner.

“GUNDAM Café TOKYO BRAND CORE” Facility Overview
Opening date: Friday, July 31, 2020
Business Hours: 10:00-22:30 *13:00-22:30 on Friday, July 31st
Location: 1-1, Kanda Hanaoka-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (1 minute walk from JR Akihabara Station Electric Town Exit)
Phone number: 03-3251-0078 *Opening after Friday, July 31st
Total area: 732.4㎡
Number of seats:
・Restaurant area 120 seats maximum
・Zeon’s Diner TOKYO up to 35 seats
*We will reduce the number of seats and open from the opening date to the moment.
Facility operation: BANDAI SPIRITS Food Entertainment Development Department
Official site: http://g-cafe.jp/

* It may not be possible to enter the store immediately after opening due to congestion. Details regarding entry such as entry system and seat reservation will be announced on the official website after July 14 (Tuesday). Please check the official website before visiting.