1/1 Full Scale Works Earth Federation Forces Helmet, info/images

Full Scale Works Mobile Suit Gundam Earth Federation Forces Normal Suit Helmet

From the animation “Mobile Suit Gundam” to the full scale 1/1.

The Helmet of Amuro Ray is finally here.

The total height of the helmet is about 35 cm.  ABS is used to reproduce the lightweight and realistic modeling.

The clear blue visor can be detached, and you can enjoy the two patterns of wearing and removing.

Of course, a dedicated pedestal for the display is also included.

“Full Scale Works Mobile Suit Gundam Earth Federation Army Helmet” that pursues the world view with the power unique to 1/1 scale.

Full Scale Works 機動戦士ガンダム 地球連邦軍ノーマルスーツ専用ヘルメット

Sales price 30,800 yen (tax included)

Acquisition points 308P

Reservation acceptance started 13:00 on July 31, 2020

Delivery date Scheduled to be shipped in January 2021

set content

Helmet 1/1 (full scale) Painted display model


Product material:

Helmet: ABS, dedicated pedestal: ABS

[Target age]

15 years old or older

[Product size]

Overall height about 250 mm / depth about 270 mm

[Number of orders accepted]

Up to three per person

*One item can be purchased for each order.  When purchasing 3 pieces, the procedure for 3 times is required.

[Product handling]

Megatre Shop, Premium Bandai, Volks, Yellow Submarine (except some stores) limited

*Other retail stores do not sell.

Selling agency

Mega House Co., Ltd.