New Review (65 photos) HGBD:R Gundam TRYAGE Magnum

New Review for HGBD:R Gundam Try Age Magnum

From Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE 2nd Season

HGBD:R 1/144 This is an introduction to Gundam TRYAGE Magnum’s basic assembly!

This is based on Gundam AGE-1, has the capabilities of the Gundam AGE series, and is equipped with a tryage system.

2000 yen excluding tax

The build series is a content that you can enjoy a gimmick every time, but this time also the tri-bird frame that becomes a sword and a cloak, and the tri-bird that also becomes a funnel are interesting, it is fun to shoot with the tri-dods rifle and the tri-arm sword, and with the AGE aircraft  I felt that it was a good kit because it was easy to customize.

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