Review PB HGUC Gundam TR-1 Haze’n-Thley Rah II

This time, we introduce a review of the HGUC Gundam TR-1 Haze’n-Thley Rah II

from “ADVANCE OF Z ~ Under the Flag of Titans ~”, which is an enhanced version of the Gundam TR-1 Series.
The characteristic body shape such as the head, fuselage, and back is reproduced with new modeling. It is a kit that reproduces the impressive body shape, such as equipping the head with a “psycho blade” type antenna. The price is 5,940 yen (tax included). This item is limited to Premium Bandai.

PC-123 Plus is used for each part of the poly cap, and the joint strength immediately after assembly is high. Gray molded parts such as elbows, knee joints, and internal parts of each part are KPS. Equipped with a newly built drum frame and boost pod on the back and a unit on the shoulder, it has a slight rearward weight, but its independence is stable.

Includes composite shield booster ☓2, joint parts for composite shield booster ☓2, short blade for reproducing composite shield booster storage state ☓2, beam rifle, 2 types of weapon holders (both right), flat hand (left), beam saber blade ..

Other surplus parts for Hazel revision,
Primrose, extra parts,
A lot of surplus parts of Hrdudu II are included. In particular, the surplus parts of Hrdudu II come with a lot of joint parts that can be used in combination with the A.O.Z series kit.

Dedicated marking sticker is attached. The emblem is the same as Advanced Hazel.

Chest. Mostly the same shape as Primrose, but equipped with armor parts for the Hrdudu II multi-arm unit on the shoulders. The square duct at the base of the armor should be painted yellow.

The sensor in the center should be painted green, and the air intake mold should be painted red inside. The armor for the multi-arm unit will be equipped with newly built joint parts (red ◯) built aside.

The waist is based on Hazel Kai, and the front armor is equipped with a small boost pod for II / Ra, and the side armor is equipped with a Hrdudu II unit.

The back of the boost pod has a large lightening hole. The waist is the same as Hazel Kai. No mold is formed on the back of the lumbar armor. The crotch part is an updated version newly built with Haze’n-Thley

The upper armor of the boost pod is rearranged to expose the internal mega particle cannon.

A Hrdudu II unit mounted on the side armor. It is diverted from the Hrdudu II expansion set. The tip is a deployable shoulder claw unit. Inside, a hard point that can mount a long blade rifle etc. is modeled.

The drum frame can be slid back and forth by rails.

Connection with side armor with new joint parts. Please note that the new joint parts have a weak fixing strength to the side armor and will come off immediately. I reinforced it in advance, but it was still easy to come off because the dowel was shallow.

The arms are the same as Haze’n-Thley but both shoulders are equipped with Hrdudu II units.
The unit can be attached and detached by sliding the upper armor and disconnecting the round dowel connection at the rear.

The body of the arm is the same as Haze’n-Thley Hand parts need to be painted red on the fingertips.

The shoulder armor is a pinch type and can be seamed at the top. The front and rear square ducts need to be painted yellow, and the side mold needs to be painted red inside.

The shoulder unit is also diverted from the Hrdudu II expansion set, but the mega particle cannon is connected by a new joint part (red ◯).

The multi-arm unit at the rear and the mega particle cannon on the side can move flexibly such as swinging. The base of the multi-arm unit (red ◯) has a notch in a cross so that it can be firmly fixed at 90 degrees in height and width.

Composite shield booster. Same as the one that comes with the Haze’n-Thley the blades are color coded with a gray sticker.

The sensor is movable and color-coded with a green sticker. The rear I-field generator needs to be painted red. There is no transformation to claw mode, and the back side is fixed. The ducts on the left and right of the back side need to be painted yellow.
Just equip it with a composite shield booster for a powerful style. I can’t say anything about this rugged feeling. Since it is firmly fixed to the forearm by the joint parts, I was able to pose without worrying about dripping or falling.
Seen from above, it looks like a fortress. I could display it on a stand with a thin support, but the angle of the support is easy to change due to its weight. If you want to pose stably, it is better to display it on a stand with a thick support.

Since the Hrdudu II unit is equipped symmetrically on the left and right, it is a highly designed kit even with heavy armament.

As for the point to be worried about, it is a pity that the drum frame and thruster unit on the back have a level parts composition that is not divided into parts or color coded at all. It’s a waste to look a little poor because of the other built-in structure. The side armor unit also has shallow dowel fixing of the joint parts, and it is stressful to hang out quite often.
However, with this rugged equipment, the pose is easy to decide, and you can enjoy sufficient expressiveness and presence even if you can not move. As the final form of TR-1, I’m glad that it enriches the variations of the A.O.Z series.

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