1/24 Freedom Gundam Statue

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The product page of the miniature model “1/24 Freedom Gundam Statue” with a total height of 73.5 cm of the “Full-scale Freedom Gundam Statue” to be installed in Shanghai, China in 2021 has been released.

Description of item
World’s First-1/24 size miniature statue of Freedom Gundam statue
December 10th 0:00 Opening Advance reservation

Nomura Kogei Co., Ltd. Official Miniature 1/24 Large Statue
Limited sale with each unique number
Price: 14990 yuan

LED lights turn on at 20 or more locations throughout the body (AC power supply)
Overall height 73.5 cm

ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam Ver.SH
The total height is about 735mm
Resin / metal (framework and other parts)

Product details
ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam
LED technology restores the standing image, including the eyes, and faithfully restores the light emitting part of the standing image through the LED lights.
Benefits of detail control Precise details and delicate paint perfectly reproduce the essence of a standing image.
Create an ultra-high quality 1:24 scale image using the same 3D data as the high quality restored image.
Benefits of detail control Precise details and delicate painting perfectly reproduce the essence of portraiture.
With a display stand and a stand with the same design as the statue.