1/100 Shōgeki no Nu-Gundam is here!

Old Kit Nu-Gundam transformed into the famous poster at the time of the screening of Char’s Counterattack: full images, info

From the Modeler:

It is a homage to the announcement poster at the time of the screening of the well-known Char’s Counterattack
Finished as a fixed model.
In the sketch, the chest sensor is also on the right, so I added it.
Vertical fins were drawn on the intake of the skirt and shield, so I added it.
The base is a ceria wooden accessory case.
Lighting is Daiso’s 6 LEDs

From the side.
Since it is a fixed model, there are many variations of photos …

Extending the torso, leaning forward and making it S-shaped.
Miniaturization of the head and enlargement of the loincloth part.
The chattering part can be wrapped with a film or cut with a thin ribbon and crawled.
The old kit resembles a great setting picture!
Old kit = not bad!
The good thing about the old kit is that you can make a mistake with a little modification!
Only the V-shaped antenna was out of stock.
2000 yen is cheap with this

Print and paste here.
There is no fixed logo of Char’s counterattack, so I combined various things …

Two types of backgrounds, a large one for shooting and a small one for display, are created.
I realized that I had forgotten to put Amuro in so far …
Push it in someday.
Thank you for watching until the end!

Beautiful work by umecyo
@umecyo on Twitter