Vignette: Blue Reaper (HGUC Exam)

Amazing 1/144 Diorama: EXAM the Blue Reaper. Images, full info

From the Modeler:

I tried to express the blue of EXAM activated state

I think Blue looks good on walking intimidatingly.
By the way, the breakdown of 2000 yen is
Body … 1600 yen
Pedestal … 100 yen
Clay … 100 yen
Cotton … 100 yen
Crash stone … 100 yen

From both sides
As for the part where I put my hands on the main body, I used a runner to extend the torso a little and put a runner pipe in the ankle.
Also, I put a foil sticker in the goggles part with a little squeak.

Back shot
I intended to give a feeling of exam by rubbing red enamel paint on various parts of the body

The shield is about to break, so it feels like it’s thrown away

I feel that the pedestal was made quite well this time, such as the color.
The exam effect is cotton.

Clay is spread on a wood box, bond is painted with a brush, and crush stones are sprinkled while being moderately crushed with pliers. After that, use spray paint to make it feel good.
That’s why it was [Blue Reaper].
The main body was made a long time ago, and this time it was completed in about 3 days because it was almost only the pedestal and effects, but I praise it that it was quite good
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Work by カミオ
aka caim619 on Twitter