MG Gundam STORMBRINGER F.A. improved

Painted build / improved MG Gundam STORMBRINGER F.A. Images, info

From the Modeler:

Stormbringer FA is completed.
The decal work was done with reference to Mr. NAOKI’s example, and it was made with all painting and beautiful finish.

Although it is a straight production, it is finished with a matte finish by performing surface treatment, etc. in addition to basic work such as surface treatment and re-engraving, and detailing with all painting and decals.
・ Decals are used in combination with the included decals, Vertex, and high cue parts.
・ Replace the shoulder sensor with VC dome 4mm
・ Weapon uses MAD gun attached to GHL

Work by モルガナ
aka: morgana_gunpla (Instagram account)