MG Zaku 2 ver1.0 weathered

Brush painted, oil weathered: MG Zaku 2 ver1.0 (images, info)

From the Modeler:

MG Zaku 2 ver1.0 was painted with a brush and weathered firmly with oil. It’s a 25-year-old kit, but it’s plump and my favorite proportions.
It looks like this when you take a picture with a good light. Weathering is washed with oil paint (burnt umber) and then finished with chipping and dry brush. Painting and weathering of the power pipe was very difficult.

The back is like this. Zaku also has a nice back view.

From the front. Firm body shape!

It is a light version from the back.

It is in an unassembled state. It is a tight seam. The file of the power pipe was very hard to injure.

It is the state after all painting. I painted with a brush. The MS is painted in olive green and deep green. I apply it over 5 times.

It is the state before and after washing with oil. The color has changed considerably.
The power pipe was weathered one by one.

Work by: オヤシラズン
aka: teru818514 (Twitter account)