MG Gundam Bael remodeled

Remodeling work: MG Gundam Bael. Full info and images

From the Modeler:
This is the first post this year. This time, I made MG Bael with MG Barbatos and Full Mechanics Bael as Nikoichi. If you like, please watch until the end
– Nikoichi – “two becomes one”

The whole front looks like this. I made it with the feeling of covering it by scraping the armor of the full mechanics Bael according to the MG Barbatos of the frame.
The neck looks buried in the face and the chin cannot be pulled, so I extend it at an angle. When I assembled the entire fuselage frame, I had the impression that it was a little clogged, so I extended it, but I think it would have been nice to extend it a little more.
I changed the shape of the skirt on the lower body, and the armor on the legs was too flat, so I cut it down and made the “toes” with a plastic plate.

I don’t have to say anything about the back, but I could have used the Bael Sword as it is, but when I assembled it as a whole, it gave me a short impression, so I extended it by 1 cm. The rack of the Bael Sword was also extended because it interfered with the fuselage when the sword was delivered.

If the shoulder is MG structure, it is integrated with the shoulder frame, and when you turn the arm, the shoulder will follow, so the making is like full mechanics.
The exterior of the shoulder was changed in shape and was too large, so I narrowed it down and made the blue part larger with a plastic plate.
The most difficult thing to do is feathers. The arm of the wing is the same as the kit, but the small feather attached to the arm is also enlarged with a plastic plate, and I think that the main body was made by myself with a plastic plate and sharpened like an animation drawing. Since the body of the wings is one size larger than the kit, the wings themselves are also widened and extended to make them larger. I also made my own thrusters with a box of plastic boards.
Then I took a pose

* The structure of MG was changed when this pose was used because the shoulders would go down.

The cockpit hatch is designed to open properly.

This time I put a little decal on it. The bael itself is simple, so it’s awkward to stick it too much, and I made it with a lot of energy, so I put a lot of decals on the feathers so that the eyes can easily see it

Since there are too many modifications, I think I’ll probably write them all when making a video. By the way, I’d like to ask you about the color at that time.

Thank you for watching until the end.

Work by KAZUKI
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