HGUC Diorama: Search enemy

Diorama: Search enemy. HGUC GM Command Ground Battle Type: full info, my personal comment, images

From the Modeler:

The tank at the top of the backpack was completely glued
The base kit is GM Commando colony battle specification. I mixed other GM parts there, put them together by plastic board work, and applied Zimmerit coating sparsely around the lower part of the MS to make it look like a land battle.
The pedestal was made by fitting the base cut out from Styrofoam (appropriately arranged with stone powder clay and sprinkled with gravel or grass for model railroads) on the lid of the accessory case that can be obtained at 100%. .. It has natural undulations to prevent it from becoming flat.

Temporarily assembled state before painting.

In addition to the basic painting, so-called “cape peeling” has also been incorporated. The blue identification band that runs from the front armor to the side armor on the right is intentionally slanted to make it look like it was sprayed by hand (it’s not an excuse to be slanted). After this, it is further soiled with sponge chipping, dry brush, weathering master, etc.

Work by: DAISUKE

My personal opinion:
I like very much the zimmerit applied on the GM (Kondo style)
I like how is painted but… please for the next time use a different background! Not Red. A simple blu would have made the diorama more realistic.