HGUC Revive Version Gundam Mark II

Improved HGUC Gundam Mk-II (Revive Ver.) images, info

From the Modeler:

I made Gundam Mark II from Mobile Suit Z Gundam. The revive version Mark II Titans color is equipped with the G defender attached to the old HGUC
Front view:
The coloring of G Defenser is based on the Titans color that appears in games.
It is difficult to hold a long rifle, so it is mounted downward.
Mark II body comparison
The abdomen is extended, the legs are shortened, and the proportions are balanced.
In addition, the positions of the hip and shoulder joints have been corrected.
Upper body:
The shape of the head has been changed
The upper arm is shortened and the forearm is widened.
Lower body:
Knee frame and calf shape changed.
G Defenser:
Panel line added to large binder and partly painted, detail added on the back side.
Addition of details around the neck and larger neck frame.
Thank you for watching until the end

Work by: kintaro3180
(Twitter account)