HG Ariel Strike Gundam Custom

Mixing build: HG Ariel Strike Gundam. Full info from the Modeler, images

From the Modeler:

Ariel Strike Gundam:
Strike Gundam-Ariel Format-is a name for the Ariel Striker Pack.
The modification to Strike Gundam was kept to the minimum that looks like the original, and the modification to the backpack was mainly done.
Strike Gundam-Ariel Format-and Ariel Striker are separate. In addition, each part has been designed so that it can be used independently.

Ariel striker:
By multiplying the design of the SEED backpack, we created it so that it looks like the strider form of AGE2.
Nose part: Atmospheric air combat equipment Steller’s sea eagle
Body: Fatum-00
Armed part: EQFU-5X Mobile Weapon Pod
Overall: AGE2-Normal Strider Form
The armed part can be separated like the Mobile Weapon Pod of Chaos Gundam.
The mixing points of the Strike Gundam main unit and the mixing source kit are listed.
White area of ​​chest armor: Seravee Gundam Scheherazade
Uncle Guard: Gundam X Demon King
Legs: Tall Strike Gundam Glitter
Armed: Lightning Weapon System Mk-III
The backpack also lists the mixing points and the mixing source kit.
Nose 1: AGE-FX Core Fighter
Nose 2: 00 Sky Waist Armor
Fuselage: Lightning Back Weapon System Mk-III
Armed Part 1: MG Justice Fatum-00
Armed Part 2: Seravee Gundam Scheherazade

Work by: Aquarius
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