MG Sazabi Ver. Ka remodeled

Remodeling the MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver.Ka: images, info

From the Modeler:

It was my second time to make Sazabi since it was released 6 years ago, so this time I thoroughly pursued the image of “my ideal Sazabi”. .
I aimed to be a strong Sazabi that overwhelms the ν Gundam, not the Sazabi that is thoroughly killed by the ν Gundam in the play. It is equipped with a large-capacity propellant tank, eliminating unnecessary armament and using it only for close combat.

The ver.Ka kit is cool as it is, but after removing the details, I replace it with my favorite one. Renovation points include lowering the center of gravity of the style, multiple armor expression with vacuum form, and a rotary lock mechanism built into additional armor. I especially like the legs

Back shots are also a favorite point. I think that the marking with the large-capacity tank & maintenance soldier’s particular MS name made using the Kshatriya Repaired kit as a big deca will be eye-catching.

The decisive factor for the low center of gravity style is the bold devaluation of the chin core armor, the addition of two abdominal mega particle cannons, and the cutout of the front armor to make it feel like it is sticking out.

Style comparison with the straight group. I think you can clearly see the sunken body balance. The hand parts have been changed to those of MG Rick Dom to make them larger and have the image of winning.
The armor split line didn’t seem to suit my taste, so I’m rebuilding it into a neat line. Similarly, the shoulders and side armor have changed lines.

As a multiple armor expression, a vacuum-formed plastic plate is placed on the upper arm, legs, etc. It was my first vacuum form, but it worked pretty well. It is an indispensable item now.

The red paint this time is mainly the finisher’s deep red, and it is painted in three toned colors. The base is quattroporte suff, foundation pink and then red to improve color development.

Work by: taka大佐
aka: taka33shira33