PB HGCE Neo Roanoke’s Windam

P-Bandai HGCE Neo Roanoke’s Windam: official images, info, release date

From “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY”, WINDAM (Neo Roanoke exclusive MS) is commercialized in the HG series.
The red-purple MS color, which is the personal color of the pilot “Neo Roanoke”, is reproduced with the molding color.
A jet striker is attached, and it can be linked with the striker pack by the equipment replacement system “striker pack system”.
Reproduce each armor part with a special color
Reproduce the Earth Alliance main mass production type MS “Windam” with the image color of the Neo Roanoke dedicated machine.
Includes jet striker and various equipment
A jet striker can be installed. Comes with a variety of equipment such as beam rifles and various missiles.
Can be linked with a striker pack that reproduces the equipment replacement system “striker pack system” of the same standard.
Attached armament: Jet striker pack / Beam rifle / Shield / Beam saber
HG 1/144 ウィンダム(ネオ・ロアノーク専用機)
Selling price 1,540 yen (tax included)
Earn points 15P
Delivery date Scheduled to be shipped in August 2021