Improved HGUC Marasai Unicorn ver.

HGUC Marasai Unicorn ver. remodeled: images, info

HGUC Marasai Unicorn ver.
The repair points are to add joints to the chest and change the abdomen to ball joints so that the waist can fit tightly.
Extend by sandwiching a plastic plate between the knee joints so that the legs open, and adjust and extend the position of the ankle joints. The longer the legs, the longer the skirt.
The rest is detail improvement such as streak carving.
I like long deals. I tried to make it stand like MH.

The painting is Mechasaf, his gunmetal and Gundam color green.
I didn’t have dark green in stock, so I mixed it with bright green to make it darker.
Washing with weathering color multi-black. I put highlighting with multi-white.
Chest and hip joint repair that did not widen the range of motion for the time and effort
The ankle ball join has been extended by 2mm and the position has been moved slightly inward to adjust the style and ground contact when the legs are opened.

Work by Yoshi_Teru on Twitter
aka: yoshi_teruteru on Instagram