HGUC Strike Freedom Barzam custom

LEDsen’s Mixing Build HGUC Strike Freedom Barzam: images, info

This time, I wanted to make a cool Barzam, so I packed it as much as possible. First of all, the cool thing is the cloak, and the cloak is the full cloth! The parts were attached with the aim of making it look like just standing.
It’s a remodeled build, so it’s anything. Lol I chose a combination of light black and muddy pink, which I like the most, as my own MS.
Then, turn the cloak back to make it feel like a battle mode. The proportions have been adjusted with the aim of achieving an intermediate fine macho figure between the two MS. I intend to adjust the details and decals so as not to overdo it.
I also attached wings to the shoulders.
Of course you can open the wings. I reduced the number and length, but it’s quite flashy.
Finally, this is the full burst mode I wanted to do! The gun gate is 12 super firepower. The head from the full cloth is a key point personally. And I wanted to float it, but I forgot to make a hole …