HGUC Injustice Gyan custom

Mixing Build HGUC Injustice Gyan: images, info

A simple combination like Gyan + Injustice Weapons
One without a weapon. Since the color is dependent on the weapon, the color will be reduced at once. At first, I was thinking of making it shiny gold, but I didn’t have any gold paint.
The only thing that changed shape this time is the shoulder. I was scared because I didn’t understand why the lid was attached there, so I stuck the nozzle of the backpack that I didn’t use because I didn’t have it. It’s easier to see that shoulders are pointing diagonally upwards.
It feels like the mobility has increased instead of suppressing the firepower. The firepower is good, but I like the simple one because it has a sense of professionalism.
The shot lancer doesn’t fit in the angle of view when I pose it! By the way, the ribbon marking is like a knight, so I put it on for the easy reason of ribbon

Work by LEDsen