In July 2022, METAL BUILD Hi-ν Gundam will be released.

METAL BUILD Hi-ν Gundam to be released in July 2022 (price is 35,200 yen) official images, full info

Description of item
Appeared in the novel “Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack, His Beltorchika Children”, and commercialized with METAL BUILD as a homage to the MS “Hi Nu Gundam” designed by Yutaka Izubuchi!
Based on the distinctive coloring design, we will develop a newly arranged high-density and gimmick-filled figure.

Developer comments
CCA-MSV (Char’s Counter Attack) Char’s counterattack MSV has other popular MS. This time, we arranged it as METAL BUILD based on Hi-ν Gundam by Yutaka Izubuchi. Please enjoy the unique charm of this product and the new appearance of Hi-ν Gundam.

Release date: Released in July 2022
Price: 35,200 yen