RX-78+EG-Mecha EG Armor

Custom build EG 1/144 RX-78 Gundam Enhanced (Mecha and Armor) images and full info, credits

Based on the concept of “G Armor of original interpretation”, i made a custom build using a lot of scratches using plastic boards based on EG Gundam. I made it by adding my own interpretation to “G Armor” which is a docking form with support mechanism “G mechanism” and “Gundam”.

It is the so-called “RX-78 Gundam”. Equipped with a special 4-angle V antenna. The performance is the same as the 1st lot 3rd specification (G-3), and the total serial number is unknown. Like the prime field of “FA-78”, it is set to be built with repair materials. (* There are various theories about the body of FA-78)

An additional booster has been added to the back of the knee. It plays a role in assisting short-distance jumps in the atmosphere, influenced by the placement of the back knee booster of “RGM-79SP GM Sniper II”.

The main weapons are “Head Balkan”, “Beam Rifle”, “Beam Saber”, and “Gundam Shield”. Both are operated with standard specifications.

“RX-78 + EG-MECHA EG Armor” is a form in which “RX-78” and “EG Mecha” are docked. “EG Mecha” is a redesign of Gundam’s support mechanism “G Mecha” so that it can be operated even in MS form.

“EG Mecha / EG Armor” is composed of “A parts” and “B parts”, and is a form that realizes heavy armor, high maneuverability, and extension of operation time. The concept of being able to operate in MS form also influenced the later “RX-178 + FXA-05D Super Gundam / G Defender”.

A part is said to be an abbreviation for (Armor / armor) and was developed by spinning off the technology of the FSWS project. The form equipped with only A parts is called “EG Armor Easy”.

The A part, which is a kind of full armor operation (increased armor), is influenced by the optional weapons of “G-04 / 05” for the shoulder increase booster and waist armor, and the “Augusta system” for the leg increase booster. I am.

B parts is an abbreviation of (Booster / propulsion device), and it is said that it existed at the beginning of Operation V. .. The form equipped with only A parts is called “Gundam Sky E (Enhanced)”.

The B parts are equipped with a thermonuclear jet engine and have thrust comparable to the main thruster of the “FF-X7-BST Core Booster”, enabling independent flight in the atmosphere. In addition, it operates as an AMBAC actuated limb and carries a sub-generator and propellant.

I refer to the design of the increased armor and the exterior of “* 1 High Mobility Type Gundam”. The “High Mobility Gundam” is a space warfare MS for MA, and is also a spin-off of the FSWS project.

The coloring of the prime field “RX-78” is the same demo color as Unit 2, Tricolor. (There are various theories as to whether it is a demo color)

The coloring of “EG Mecha / EG Armor” is the same as “G Mecha / G Armor”. As an aside, the increased armor of the “High Mobility Gundam” is also navy blue.

“EG Armor” is set to be a MS located in such a place in the development genealogy. It is a missing link between “G Armor” and “G Defender”

Work by MSVD
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