RG Wing Gundam Fenice custom

RG Wing Gundam Fenice mixing build: images, info and credits

HG Wing Gundam Fenice and RG Wing Gundam were mixed to make RG Wing Gundam Fenice.

Characteristic parts such as the left knee and both shoulders are used from HG. I mixed while adding details and adjusting the balance.
The left knee is enlarged with a plastic plate and putty
Only the tip of the ankle armor is diverted from HG, and it is shaped by pasting it on the ankle armor of RG with putty.
Extend toes with plastic plate and putty
The antenna was also cut on the right side, and the left side was shaped with a plastic plate.
I was conscious of leaving the details and parts of RG as much as possible when mixing.
Buster rifles and beam rapier mounts are connected with neodymium magnets.
Cut out the rappy tape and color-code each eye so that it shines beautifully.

Work by むぎCHA
@mugipura on Twitter