HGUC P-Bandai Phantom Gundam review

This is the HGUC 1/144 P-Bandai Phantom Gundam review

A phantom newly made into a kit by the HGUC Series.
The price is 2,750 yen and it is an order made by Premium Bandai.
The package is a single color, but the instruction manual is a solid one with some colors and an explanation of the MS.

This is the HGUC Phantom Gundam review.
Although some parts of the joints are diverted from the runners of the conventional crossbone kit.
Most have changed to a new and more massive form.
Also, although it is a unique color scheme, it is quite reproduced as HG and only the face and the inconspicuous rear armor and some of the effects are used.
The deformation gimmick was also stable due to replacement, and after all, the effect attached to the whole body is a nice looking part
The phantom light blown out from the whole body was reproduced and it was finished in an impressive MS.

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