New original animation “Mobile Suit Gundam Requiem for Vengeance”

New original animation “Mobile Suit Gundam Requiem for Vengeance” using Unreal Engine 5 production decision for worldwide distribution!
Set in the European front during the One Year War! 30 minutes x 6 episodes!

It has been decided that a new original animation “Mobile Suit Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance” using the 3D production tool “Unreal Engine 5” will be jointly produced by Bandai Namco Film Works and SAFEHOUSE.

This work is a work for worldwide distribution of 6 episodes of about 30 minutes per episode. The stage of the work will be the European front during the “One Year War”, which was also depicted in the first Gundam series “Mobile Suit Gundam” (1979).

The script is written by Gavin Hynite (animation “Tekken: Bloodline”, “Transformers Cyberverse”, the game “Marvel’s Spider-Man”), and directed by Erasmus Brosdau (animation “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”, the game “Star Citizen”. “Rise: Son of Rome” “Crisis” series).
Naohiro Ogata of Bandai Namco Film Works and Gavin Hyknight, who is also in charge of the screenplay, will act as executive producers to create a new appeal.

Today, July 3rd (Monday), in addition to the “teaser visual” depicting the main character “Ilya Solari” and Gundam, the “teaser PV” drawn by Unreal Engine 5, the setting picture of the main character and the main mechanism, and the official The site has also been released, so be sure to check it out.

In addition, this work was announced at North America’s largest anime and manga festival “Anime Expo 2023” (AX2023) currently being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the United States.

[Title of work]
Mobile Suit Gundam Requiem for Vengeance

Planning: Sunrise
Production: Sunrise/SAFEHOUSE
Director: Erasmus Brosdow
Screenplay: Gavin Hynite
Executive Producer: Naohiro Ogata/Gavin Hyknight
Producer: Hiroaki Yura
Character design: Manuel Augusto Decinger Moura
Mechanical design: Kimitoshi Yamane
Music: Wilbert Roger II
Production: Bandai Namco Film Works

Starring: Syria Massingham

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