HGUC Kampfer High Mobility Type MLRS custom

陸ガメのリク’s HGUC 1/144 Kampfer High Mobility Type [MLRS equipped] custom build. Images, info, credits

From the Modeler:

The concept is a long-distance attack MS for nighttime assault on bases and a high-speed mobile MS assault.

Loaded back shot
Since the missile burns, use the vernier on low heat until you reach the attack point.

I made the basic Kampfer by playing with various things
It was difficult to get a navy blue that I was satisfied with and it took a long time to mix the color I’m glad I managed to get the color exactly as I had imagined

Two handmade vulcans on the shoulders
There’s something like a cooling duct in the chest.

Holds 2 medium/close range weapons

Shotgun in left hand

The right hand is a 90MM machine gun
I like this weapon

After purging all shooting weapons, move on to close quarters combat that takes advantage of high startup.

Accessory weapons and handmade MLRS
For the time being, I received a 90MM machine gun from Rick Dom 2, processed it, and put it in.

There are a lot of streaks because I wanted to separate the main colors into four colors.

Work by 陸ガメのリク