This is the review of METAL BUILD Kämpfer

This is the review of METAL BUILD MS-18E Kämpfer: images and full info

Review Metal Build Kampfer:

Whole body. Although the details have been improved like MB, there is no noticeable arrangement, and the proportions and coloring are almost the same as the anime.

The mono eye is metallic painted and there is no cover for the clear parts. The mold was firmly inserted into the mono eye rail.

Monoeye can be moved left and right by opening the head cover.

The back, rear armor, and calf armor can be expanded, and the vernier can be expanded and contracted. It was also possible to move the vernier base up and down.

A chain mine can be attached to the internal pin for storage. Chain mines need to be bent at a fairly steep angle, so be careful not to damage them. It is also possible to deploy the auxiliary legs and suspend shotguns, heat hawks, Sturm Faust, etc.

“I’ll teach you how to fight.” It was also great that the chain mine rack was able to simulate the takeout scene in the movie.


When it was suddenly announced that Kämpfer would be released from Metal Build, I was surprised because it was such a curve ball, but by not changing the proportions and greatly increasing the details to match the scale, it has been made even more appealing without spoiling the image of the MS.

It had an ideal arrangement that brought out the best in it, and it turned out very cool.

Although some parts of mine were rough, the paint job was basically done well, and the multiple colors of blue used were just like Kämpfer had imagined, and the texture was nice and shiny, and the movement and drawer joints were good. It was used a lot, moved better than it looked, and had a lot of weapons and gimmicks, so it was perfect for playing.

Images via hacchaka net