review of HG Amazing Barbatos Lupus [Metallic]

This is the Fastest review of “HG Amazing Barbatos Lupus [Metallic]” included with limited edition!! “Gundam Build Metaverse” ED recording CD released: images, info

LINKL PLANET’s first CD will be released on March 20th. Contains 4 songs including “Gundam Build Metaverse” ending theme “Days of Birth”, but this limited edition with Gunpla comes with a super luxurious version that comes with “HG 1/144 Gundam Amazing Barbatos Lupus [Metallic]”.

The main body has new forehead and shoulder armor parts, and is equipped with a new weapon, Amazing Mace.

This item’s original “LINKL PLANET” sticker is included.

Amazing Booster can be divided and combined to form Beast form or Amazing Iron Blood form.

Amazing Mace can be held in both hands by deploying the foregrip when shooting.

Amazing booster heavenly type composed of all new parts. The mobile armor that appeared in the second season of “Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans” is reminiscent of Hashmal.

Days of Birth (Limited Edition with Gunpla)
Sold by: Bandai Namco Music Live
5,500 yen (first limited edition 3,000 yen, regular edition 1,800 yen), scheduled for March 20th