Custom build HGCE Duel Blitz Gundam

BbB’s Custom build HGCE 1/144 ZGMF-1027M Duel Blitz Gundam: images, info and credits

From the Modeler:

It’s finally finished! I’ve been working on it bit by bit since I saw SEED FREEDOM on the second day of its release! I tried to capture the emotion of the movie in the work.

A mix of HG Duel and EG Strike.. Everything else was made with plastic sheet and putty.

When I actually created it, the differences with the Assault Shroud were so great that it was a completely different product. To be honest, it was more difficult than I expected.

I started by using violet water-based hobby color for the armor, but it was too bright, so I repainted it.

I think I did everything I could at the moment. However, I couldn’t recreate the shoulder gimmick… Bandai, please make this as well as the Z’Gok.

Work by BbB