Custom: HGUC 1/144 “Jesta from Mercury”

HGUC 1/144 “Jesta from Mercury” custom build by Grico. Full images, info and credits

A simple mix with the Witch from Mercury as the main character!
This is the exclusive machine setting for the new Dominicos Corps.
Please bear with my imaginary setting.
It was completed before Marasai, but I finally took a picture.
When Miorine became president of the Benerit Group, the development of Gundam-type MS was prohibited. Each company expanded its development centering on extended space technology and drone weapons.

Along with this, the role of the Dominicos Corps has also changed and become more diverse.
The new Dominicos Corps missions include supervision within the group, preventing the oppression of Spaceians against Earthians, conflict intervention, and monitoring the Space Council Union, which are difficult to handle on the previous scale, so it became urgent to develop new models and deploy them in large numbers.

Highly maneuverable equipment.
It has many hard points and can be easily replaced with various options depending on the operation.
The machine developed to meet the demands was this machine, Jeva, and was realized after the Prospera rebellion, overcoming past grudges.
The base machine was selected to be able to suppress other machines while being inexpensive to produce in large quantities. In order to override drone weapons and protect the pilot’s life, Gund-Arm technology was only used on the chest of the modified Aerial type. The limbs were made of Gunvolva, which was developed as an unmanned machine with good characteristics, and the head was made of Zawart, which has a large additional capacity for sensors. The cost was also successfully kept low compared to the performance, as only the integration of the control system was used. In any case, this machine would not have been born if Prospera had not reformed and provided Aerial’s technology.

A neodymium beam carbine is mounted on the side of the left leg.

Kenanji is the practical head and also serves as an instructor for pilot training. Kenanji’s superior is Miorine. In addition to Suletts, who decided to return to piloting to help Miorine’s ideals, Chuchu, an Earthian, was also selected to pilot this machine.

Lightly equipped. To make it more stable, the heel is set back, the feet are extended forward and width with plastic board, and accents are applied to make it look like boots.

The visor has fluorescent paint on the internal camera parts. The shield has movable legs so it can stand on its own.

The shield can be equipped on either the left or right shoulder. The silhouette of the booster on the back changes when pointed upwards, which is nice.

The main body is gray violet, and the high mobility equipment is a green that gives a military feel. It gives the impression of being equipped with different equipment.

I tried processing it
Since it’s a mass-produced machine, it would be nice to have several of them

Thank you for watching.

Work by Grico