1/100 Fenris Wolf Full Garage Kit

Stickler Studio’s Preview A.O.Z Re-Boot 1/100 Fenris Wolf Full Garage Kit: latest images (many), info

“AOZ Re-Boot Gundam Inle -Kurasagi no Mita Yume-“

“Fenris Wolf” is a Leven Wolf psycommu equipped specification that is intended for the use of reinforced humans, and is an MS brought in by Munski who went to Mars with the Chester fleet. It was operated by a PP (Power Psycho) troop treasured by Munski, and was put into operation at the end of the Phobos Spaceport capture game.

・Complete modification kit
・Complete instruction manual
・Water transfer decals
・Etching parts

Original :

1/100 フェンリス・ヴォルフ / FENRIS-WOLF フルガレージキット