Mobile Suit Gundam UC ep.5 “Black Unicorn” Eng.Dubbed 8min. Clip. VIDEO, Info

“Mobile Suit Gundam UC” episode 5 8-Minute Streaming (English)

“MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC” episode 5 Trailer #2 (English)

The volume will premiere at screenings in 12 theaters throughout Japan from May 19 to June 1. Exclusive limited-edition Blu-ray Disc sets with the story scenario and a clip of the actual film from the anime will be available at the screenings for 7,000 yen (about US$84). Beginning on May 19, the anime will be distributed online for a fee. Regular versions of the episode 5 DVD and Blu-Ray Disc will go on sale for 5,040 yen (US$61) and 6,090 yen (US$73) on June 8.