Hi World, Gunjap Interviews Today with Don Suratos !!!

11Hi World, Gunjap Interviews Today with Don Suratos !!!

Gunjap InterviewsHi World, Gunjap Interviews today with Don Suratos. Let’s Start!

[G:ย  Gunjap]
[D:ย  Don Suratos]

G – Who is Don Suratos in the Gunpla Modelers World? And where do you come from?

D – I would be DC23 from the Philippines.


G – When did you start building Gunpla?
And when did you made your first Custom?

D – I started building back in college ( 1998 ) I used to collect 1/144 Gundam Wing kits back then. However, I stopped collecting after college. Then an officemate told me to try the MG kits back in 2008. I bought a 1/100 HG Force Impulse instead as I was afraid to waste money on an expensive MG kit. I loved my 1/100 Force Impulse so much I then bought a MG Freedom a month later.

I first modified a kit back in 2008 using a 1/60 Exia. I then entered it in a midyear competition and won 1st place. I did my first ever diorama on the same year ( 2008 ) using a MG Zeong and MG Kampfer. I entered my first diorama at BAKUC 2008 and eventually won as world champion. I was so lucky back then. ๐Ÿ™‚

G – Do you have some inspiration for your creations?

D – I hope I can name Japanese names like TR13, but the 3 people that inspires my builds are Michael Fichtenmayer of Fichtenfoo, Kenny Lim aka Toymaker and Kriz of KrizKreations.


G – After you have finished snap-fitting a model, from where do you start to mod it?

D – I usually start with the base or the diorama. But sonetimes I start with the crotch and skirt parts. I just love starting on with the crotch so much. I dont know why?

G – What do you think about Gunpla in all the World? modelers, attitude, modelers behavior etc..

D – Gunpla is fun! There are a lot of really talented modelers around the world and their creations are all inspiring.

G – What do you think about GBWC Event?

D – I have stopped joining since 2011. I am not allowed to join the Open Category which would bring you to HK, now Japan. We have a rule in the Philippines that if you have placed ( 1st to 3rd ) in any Bandai sponsored contest, you are no longer allowed to join the Open Category. I am not allowed to join since 2010 as I have won 4 times already. I hope the sponsors has forgottenย  about me so that I could join again this year! Needless to say GBWC rocks! Its a great way to push yourself to create big ambitious projects that you would not normally build.


G – Please some advices for modelers that wanna start building a gunpla for the very first time!

D – Just enjoy the hobby!

G – Have you a Website/Blog to show your Works?

D – I have a Blog, Instagram, a FB group page and a FB page. I went awol for 2 years though and is just starting to build models again this month. So Blog, Instagram and FB pages are active with fresh posts these days. My blog is DC23-mecharts.blogspot.com, do visit if you have the time. ๐Ÿ™‚

1G – Future Projects?

D – I am working on a few. 1/48 Zaku hangar diorama, RG Zaku diorama, Full Armor 78 1 Gundam, MG Z’Gok, MG Zeta. The last 2 are pending commission builds. ๐Ÿ™‚

G โ€“ Many Thanks to Don Suratos for this Interview ๐Ÿ˜‰
See You soon for the next!